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Some (serious) open access journals

June 29, 2013

Since the list of mathematics open access journals over at the Directory of Open Access Journals is both incomplete and full of obscure journals, here is my subjective list of serious ones. Feel free to mention omissions (although I reserve myself the choice of possibly not adding them).

[Edit: in fact, I am mostly interested in serious ones which moreover do not charge any submission fees (so-called ‘article processing charges’ APC). So, only those will be listed (I’ll make an exception for some journals that have APC with a generous fee-waiver policy).]

Generalist journals

Name Submission fee? Start year Publisher
Osaka Journal of Mathematics No 1964 Osaka University (& Project Euclid)
Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ Mathematica No 1974 Academia Scientiarum Fennica
Proceedings of the Japan Academy No 1977 Japan Academy (& Project Euclid)
New York Journal of Mathematics No 1994 New York State University at Albany
Documenta Mathematica No 1996 Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung
New-Zealand Journal of Mathematics No 2007 University of Auckland
Münster Journal of Mathematics No 2008 Universität Münster
Confluentes Mathematici No 2009 Université de Lyon
Forum of Mathematics, Pi Yes* 2013 Cambridge University Press
Journal de l’École polytechnique No 2014
North-Western European Journal of Mathematics No 2015 Université de Lille (with support from the SMF, KWG, SML and Fields Institute)
Annales de l’Institut Fourier No 2015 (+all archives) Université de Grenoble (with support from
Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse No 2017 (+all archives) Université de Toulouse (with support from
Annales Mathématiques Blaise Pascal No 2017 (+all archives) Université de Clermond-Ferrand (with support from

Specialized journals

Name Submission fee? Start year Publisher
PMB Algèbre et Théorie des nombres No 1974 University of Besançon
The Australasian Journal of Combinatorics No 1990 University of Queensland
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations No 1993 Texas State University at San Marcos
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics No 1994 Currently hosted at the Australian National University
Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal No 1995 Universitat de Barcelona
Theory and Applications of Categories No 1995 Mount Allison University
Electronic Journal of Probability No 1996 Institute of Mathematical Statistics & Bernoulli Society
Electronic Communications in Probability No 1996 Institute of Mathematical Statistics & Bernoulli Society
The electronic Journal of Linear Algebra No 1996 International Linear Algebra Society
Conformal Geometry and Dynamics No 1997 American Mathematical Society
Representation Theory No 1997 American Mathematical Society
Journal of Computation and Mathematics No 1998 London Mathematical Society
INTEGERS: Eletronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory No 2000 University of West Georgia & Charles University & DIMATIA
Dynamics of Partial Differential Equations No 2004 International Press of Boston
Online Journal of Analytic Combinatorics No 2006 University of Auckland
Contributions to Discrete Mathematics No 2006 Universiy of Calgary
ALEA: Latin-American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics No 2006 IMPA and Instituto do Milênio
Journal of Software for Algebra and Geometry No 2009 MSP
Forum Of Mathematics, Sigma Yes* 2013 Cambridge University Press
Mathematics and Mechanics of Complex Systems No 2013 Università Dell’Aquila
Algebraic Geometry No 2014 Foundation Compositio Mathematica
SMAI Journal of Computational Mathematics No 2015 Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles (with support from
Discrete Analysis No 2015 Scolastica
Epiga No 2016
Higher Stuctures No 2016 Macquarie University
Journal de Théorie de Nombres de Bordeaux No 2017 (+all archives) Université de Bordeaux (with support from

Expository journals

Name Submission fee? Start year Publisher
Bulletin of the AMS No 1891 American Mathematical Society
Probability Surveys No 2004 Institute of Mathematical Statistics & Bernoulli Society
Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences No 2011 Springer/Birkhäuser

(*: fee waiver in some cases only in the long term, but for all authors for the first few years)

Morning Castle, evening castle

June 4, 2013

morning-castle-evening-castle(Château d’Amboise, late april 2013. Public domain.)