End of the blog

Over the past decade the main aim of this blog has been to force me to follow at least a little bit of recent mathematical ideas and news, despite being fairly far from academia myself.

It did work to some extent, but with a new job in Paris on the horizon I feel I’ll finally have more opportunities to attend seminars and meet folks than in the past. Therefore now is the right time to stop blogging. Thank you to all those who provided insightful comments over the years.

by Fondo Antiguo de la Biblioteca de la universidad de Sevilla on flickr


11 Responses to “End of the blog”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I only discovered your blog recently. Still, want to thank you for the nice posts over the years…

  2. Meiko Says:

    I will miss this blog! Please consider posting again sometimes!

    • Thomas Sauvaget Says:

      Thank you, I’m honored! Well, let’s see: if really I have interesting things to say in the future then I’ll either write a more consistent piece (some kind of book in pdf under CC license), or maybe I’ll start a new blog with a more well-defined content and periodicity. If that’s the case I’ll mention it here. No promises at all at this point (I do have tons of ideas, but spare time not so much).

  3. Rao M Says:

    I must have been following your blog for the time unknown. (I estimate it as 8 years). Good that you have found the life and work you like. Sad that you are stopping blogging. You have been an inspiration. Hope to see you back soon. Wishing you the best.

    • Thomas Sauvaget Says:

      Thank you, and all the best to you too. I actually had no idea that some people really followed the blog for that long!

  4. David Roberts Says:

    I’ve learned a bunch of interesting things from your blog, thanks for taking the time. Your list of diamond OA journals is especially useful.

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