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November 30, 2014

A few things noticed recently:

  • the 2015 Cours Peccot will be given by Hugo Duminil-Copin and Gabriel Dospinescu. In addition, François Charles, who was a 2014 laureate but on leave at MIT, will also give his.
  • some papers have appeared in Proc.AMS (e.g. this one) and Trans.AMS that have been submitted after the 1st of september 2013, the day when the Gold versions were launched. Since the Gold versions still have very few papers, while the backlog of accepted papers of the standard versions are as long as before (many of which having been submitted after the Gold launches), that’s quite a clear signal that authors don’t like the Gold model.  In fact, interestingly, the homepage of Proc.AMS announces an increase in page numbers “from 4,200 to 5,240 pages annually“.
  • next week in Montpellier (coïncidently, where Grothendieck taught until retirement) will take place the annual event where mathematics laureates of the Académie des Sciences (Joseph Teichmann, Clément Mouhot, Vincent Lafforgue, Patrick Gérard and Pierre Raphaël) are planned to give talks
  • the website of the Grothendieck Circle mentions that “with the agreement of Grothendieck’s family, the work of the Circle to bring Grothendieck’s unique story and writings to the public has resumed“. A good news that it’s been settled so quickly.