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First FOM-Sigma paper

May 17, 2013

Apparently, the first ever paper to be published by the new FOM journals has been put online today, in FOM-Sigma: a 60 pages paper by Popa and Schnell on “generic vanishing theory”.  [edit:  FOM-Pi also has issued its first paper on the same day: a 77 pages one on “p-adic Hodge Theory”, by Peter Scholze. In both cases, the licence used is CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.]  No news yet on the Episciences-Math project.

On a completely different note, there’s an interesting fairly recent interview of Sophie Morel here with a few noteworthy quotes like:

I think that if you want a prize to help people’s careers, then you have to give it to younger people who are still struggling to get a good job.


being hired by Harvard was nice, but being the first woman was just a matter of chance and pretty meaningless as far as I am concerned.