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MO and FOM-Pi, the new mainstream?

March 26, 2013

Today on the arXiv, a survey of perfectoïd spaces was posted by their inventor Peter Scholze.

It is all way above my head, but two things are striking from an outsider’s perspective:

– after some comments, the main text starts by “This introduction is essentially identical to a post of the author on MathOverflow” (namely this).

– it lists a forthcoming paper as:  P. Scholze. p-adic Hodge theory for rigid-analytic varieties. 2012. arXiv:1205.3463, to appear in Forum
of Mathematics, Pi. (Possibly the first reference ever to this journal.)

I may be wrong, but perhaps even just 5 years ago this would have refered instead respectively to something like “Letter to X” and “to appear in Ann. Math.

Math projects at the 2013 Intel STS and 2012 Siemens Competitions

March 19, 2013

The winners of the 2013 Intel STS Competition have been announced recently.  Nice to see that, again, many math projects made the top 10:

Hannah Larson ranked 4th, for giving a complete classification of the rank four fusion rings that give rise to fusion categories (see this earlier video about her) ;

Samuel Zbarsky finished 7th by improving lower and upper bounds on a ratio of path lengths in a high-dimensional Euclidean Geometry problem ;

Sahana Vasudevan (a former PRIMES student) ranked 10th with her project titled “Minimizing the Number of Carries in the Set of Coset Representatives of a Normal Subgroup” ;


Back in december 2012, the Siemens Competition revealed its own winners. No math project got in the top 6 individual, but two teams made the top 6:

– Daniel Fu and Patrick Tan finished 2nd with their project on genetic oscillatory networks.

– Jonathan Tidor and Rohil Prasad ranked 5th for their work on staged self-assembly of Wang tiles.


Well done to them all!

International Summer School for Students 2013: apply now!

March 9, 2013

Following the two successful previous years, there will be a great mathematics summer school for students who are between the last two years of high school and first two years of university.

It will take place in Bremen (Germany) from july, 2 to july, 12.

Application deadline is march, 20, so if you’re interested hurry up!

Also, please spread the word if you know someone that might want to go there.