MO and FOM-Pi, the new mainstream?

Today on the arXiv, a survey of perfectoïd spaces was posted by their inventor Peter Scholze.

It is all way above my head, but two things are striking from an outsider’s perspective:

– after some comments, the main text starts by “This introduction is essentially identical to a post of the author on MathOverflow” (namely this).

– it lists a forthcoming paper as:  P. Scholze. p-adic Hodge theory for rigid-analytic varieties. 2012. arXiv:1205.3463, to appear in Forum
of Mathematics, Pi. (Possibly the first reference ever to this journal.)

I may be wrong, but perhaps even just 5 years ago this would have refered instead respectively to something like “Letter to X” and “to appear in Ann. Math.


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