About this blog

This is used to be the small personal blog of yet another random human being. It closed in 2018.

Topics: It is devoted mainly to scientific news (maths & physics, but also some biology, astronomy & archeology).

Occasionnally, some comments on arts or landscape photography may appear. That’s it really.

Thomas Sauvaget.

Professional activity: I’ve been a civil servant at Insee since 2013, and as of 2018 work in the Paris area. I previously studied for two years further statistics, econometrics & data science at Ensai, and before that I held a position in beautiful Metz. In the past, I used to be a math teacher in various settings in Avignon and around Amboise. A long while ago, I studied maths & physics in Avignon, Grenoble , Grenoble, and Nottingham (PhD, 2007, supervised by Prof. Gregor Tanner).

Disclaimer: I’m blogging in a private capacity, and my opinions do not necessarily reflect that of my employer.

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