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Early march items

March 5, 2016

[Posted on march 5, 2016]

For immediate consumption :

  • the latest issue of the Newsletter of the EMS is out, with several outstanding introductory pieces, a great read.   There’s also an article by Fabian Müller and Olaf Teschke who have measured the amount of published papers that are on the arXiv thanks to new tools provided by zbMATH. Among other things, they mention that  “for the publication year 2014, about 55% of research in algebraic geometry, algebraic topology and K-Theory is available through the arXiv but only about 10% in numerical mathematics and 1% in mathematics history or mathematics education“. I’m slightly surprised that the algebraic geometry figure isn’t into the 70-80% territory.
  • as most people know by now, Discrete Analysis, the arXiv orverlay journal managed by Sir Timothy Gowers aimed at challenging for-profit publishers, is now online (and has lots of nice features)
  • CNRS medals in mathematics have been awarded : a Silver Medal to Isabelle Gallagher (PDEs, in particular Navier-Stokes), and a Bronze Medal to Simon Riche (Geometric Representation Theory)
  • the 2015-2016 Cours Peccot will be given by Nicolas Curien (next may at Collège de France) and by Marco Robalo (TBA)
  • the 2016 Abel Prize is due to be announced soon, on march 15
  • Olivia Caramello has chosen to update her public controversy with category theorists
  • a 177 pages paper by Tye Lidman and Ciprian Manolescu identifies two Seiberg-Witten Floer homology theories. To the outsider, this looks very much like the length and depth of papers that cement the status of a future Fields Medalist. (As an anecdote, one can notice a math.SE question in the bibliography — yes, math.SE not MO).
  • a word of caution taken from the website of the IHP conference in honor of Margulis’ 70th birthday next june, which applies to all other conferences in France in that period : “Due to the European Football Championship (EURO 2016) to be held in France, June 10th-July 10th 2016, participants are encouraged to book their hotel room a long time in advance“.



Centre Pompidou Metz and the moon, winter 2016. Public domain.


September 14, 2015

This blog goes into a long hibernation of several months.  It might come back to life in 2016.  Any comment will stay into the moderation queue in the meantime.

Château d’Amboise under snow and ice.

Alternative title : the snow triangle.

(February 2012, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).


June 26, 2015

L’été dans le Luberon by decar66 on flickr

The Tombstone of Madame du Châtelet (1706-1749)

April 5, 2015

In 2006, to mark the tricentenary of the birth of first ever frenchwoman scientist, Émilie Du Châtelet, an exhibition was organized in Paris by Elizabeth Badinter (booklet here).

Then, a few years ago, several newly found mathematics and physics manuscripts written by la Marquise du Châtelet were sold at an important Christie’s sale.

What about the final resting place of such a fine woman? Well, it is a very sober black tombstone in Saint-Jacques church, in Lunéville. Elisabeth Badinter, and Annie Jourdain, tried to have something done so that it is not walked over by the faithfull, but there were no protective barriers when I visited a few days ago.

By the way, the Château de Lunéville, which sadly was ravaged by a fire in 2003, has been nicely restaured over a decade, and is well worth a visit. I went there early enough to catch a nice april cold fog.

(full album on flickr)

Summer hiatus

July 6, 2014

Patrimonio, by Daniel Cremona on flickr

Morning Castle, evening castle

June 4, 2013

morning-castle-evening-castle(Château d’Amboise, late april 2013. Public domain.)

Audentes fortuna juvat

July 12, 2012

Luna del 1 marzo 2012, by Skiwalker79 on flickr



The Mountain

June 10, 2011

Fantastic time-lapse movies by Terje Sørgjerd on vimeo in HD:

1. Aurora

2. The Mountain

3. The Arctic Light (very recent)


August 20, 2010

The spiral staircase, Blois castle.

spiral staircase

Θάλαττα, θάλαττα

June 16, 2010

Cape Sounion sunset (under CC licence, by stylianosm on flickr)

And as a bonus for the mathematically enclined, here’s a stunning fractal hand by glennkarlsen on flickr too (I’m not including it here as it’s copyrighted unfortunately).