Some october 2017 news

[Posted on october 12, 2017]

Some recent news :

  • Vladimir Voevodsky’s death has been a shock to many, see IAS resources here (including the video of the Remembrance Gathering), see also a Quanta Magazine article of yesterday
  • a very new generalist Diamond OA journal is proposed by ENS de Rennes under the name Annales Henri Lebesgue, it has a strong editorial board and no accepted papers just yet (I’ve learnt about its existence while browsing  the program of an upcoming conference of Réseau National des Bibliothèques de Mathématiques)
  • Misha Gromov put yesterday on the arXiv a long paper, and finishes it with the sentence “Non-accessible Articles. There is a dozen or so other papers on Gehring linking problem but, since they are not openly accessible, one can not tell what is written in there.” If that type of statement generalizes that could quickly make the guilty authors consider arXiving their work…
  • Astrophysicist Konstantin Batygin has teamed up with Dynamical Systems expert Alessandro Morbidelli to release a beautiful paper that adds a good theoretical underpinning to the Planet Nine hypothesis
  • Giovanni Coppola has recently claimed a conditional proof of the Twin Prime Conjecture (among others) based on a Delange Hypothesis

2 Responses to “Some october 2017 news”

  1. dmitri14 Says:

    Unfortunately ArxivIng solution currently cannot replace an OA publication. As long as MathReviews and papers do not refer to Arxived versions, it is more efforts from both authors and readers to look for the corresponding versions, that often even if exist, do not clearly state their update status in relation with the final publication.

    • Thomas Sauvaget Says:

      Thank you for this comment. You’re right that there are many issues here. That papers generally do not mention arXived versions, even when they appear in Diamond OA journals, is very unfortunate (it is not surprising from corporate publishers, but from DOA journals it is). For example I have looked at some papers in Documenta Math, and indeed they don’t mention arXiv versions.

      And it is true that it is also a problem that Math Reviews and Zentralblatt do not either. It shouldn’t be too hard to automate (with names of authors and title it could find the latest arxiv version and run a comparison algorithm).

      On the other hand, it appears that the metadata of some arXiv preprints contain a line with journal references. It is the case for many Documenta Math. articles, but also some in Annals of Math (which is not OA). I do not know if only the authors can add this joural-ref, or if the arXiv editors can tag it themselves. Clearly, if editors could, then over one or two summers a group of students could tag quite a lot of papers and compare with published versions, that would be useful.

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