Further october 2016 items

[Posted on october 26, 2016.]

In no particular order :

  • the laureate of the ENS-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Chair at ÉNS is Dmitry Chelkak
  • some recent videos at Collège de France : the beginnings both of Claire Voisin’s course on Topologie des Variétés Algébriques, and of Marco Robalo’s Cours Peccot on Géométrie Algébrique Dérivée et Invariants de Gromov-Witten
  • the october issue of Gazette des Mathématiciens is just out, with lots of great articles and information. In particular there’s an announcement of a 10 day contest in 2017 covering a broad range of topics and reserved to Masters Students in France to attract them to a research career (and for faculty to discover talented ones beyond just their exam results, I guess) : potentially a great idea depending on how it is organized
  • there’s an erratum (not a very critical one luckily) for a paper published by Joan S. Birman and Hugh M. Hilden in Annals of Mathematics some 43 years ago
  • an article in THE says academics are now turning down UK jobs given the Brexit situation. I do fear this is only just the beginning of indeed a massive exodus…
  • hopefully Przemyslaw Chojecki’s DeepAlgebra will take off soon, the proposal seems to articulate a reasonable strategy and set of tools (I’d happily contribute if only I had more spare time…)

20161025_1150241652 monster door

(Saint-Malo, october 2016, Public Domain)


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