Quick early october 2016 links

[Posted on october 1, 2016]

In a rush, a list of some recent items :

  • Claire Voisin has won the CNRS Gold Medal, a highly prestigious award (last mathematician to win it: Alain Connes in 2004), more info here and an interview in english here
  • an introductory article by Ivan Fesenko on IUT has just appeared in inference-review, and Artur Jackson has set up an IUT wiki (mostly empty for now)
  • the lecture notes of the courses given by Laurent Lafforgue and by Olivia Caramello at Nottigham last summer are now available respectively here and here
  • Lieven Lebruyn has started another enjoyable blog series, this time on the very recent work of Robert A. Kucharczyk & Peter Scholze
  • the meeting on Open Access journals in Rennes this week was very interesting, the format allowing for lots of questions. Hopefully the beamers will be put online soon, and since it has been filmed the content of the Q&A will probably be available more widely too. [Update(oct 2): since Thierry Bouche has put his beamer on his webpage, I now feel free to mention one of the good news heard then : all Cedram journals will become Diamond Open Access in 2017 (so that will add the 3 that were not yet so). In particular Ann Fac Sci Toulouse and J. Theor Num Bordeaux are two well established and high-quality journals so that’s a very welcome move.]
  • there is still time to register to the kaggle competition on OEIS data, which ends this month
  • a paper by Andrej Bauer due to appear in the Bulletin of the AMS is titled Five stages of accepting constructive mathematics, it should be a very interesting read

the Burrell Collection, by Alex Livet on flickr


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