Other september 2016 items

[Posted on september 18, 2016.]

Recent items spotted :

  • the passing of Jean-Christophe Yoccoz at the still young age of 59 has been unanimously lamented : SMF, CNRS, AMS, a french math forum… A conference had been planned for his 60th birthday next year.
  • there’s a one day event due to occur at the end of the month in Rennes whose aim is to inform local mathematicians on the current state and planned evolution of scientific publishing, in particular regarding Diamond Open Access journals apparently
  • the Hot Topics workshop at MSRI next march on Galois Theory of Periods and Applications is open for registration
  • Michael Atiyah & Nicholas Manton have recently released a preprint introducing a model of neutral atoms that uses compact complex algebraic surfaces
  • Edward Witten has asked a question on MathOverflow regarding some group cohomology formulas introduced by condensed matter physicists
  • Robert A. Kucharczyk & Peter Scholze have just posted to the arXiv a paper constructing (for some, but not all, fields of characteristic 0) a certain compact Hausdorff space whose profinite fundamental group agrees with the absolute Galois group of that field
  • for those with a few millions to spare, Sotheby’s will offer for auction John F. Nash Jr’s Nobel Prize medal next months…



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