2016 EMS prize winners announced

[Posted on july 18, 2016]

The 7th ECM has just started today in Berlin, and the prizes have been announced as follows (see the booklet, I’m just adding URLs). The 10 EMS Prizes for researchers under 35 went to :

  • Peter Scholze (28, Arithmetic Geometry) from the Mathematisches Institut of the university of Bonn
  • Sara Zahedi (35, Numerical Analysis of PDEs) from KTH
  • Mark Braverman (32, Theoretical Computer Science) from the university of Princeton
  • Vincent Calvez (35, Mathematical Biology) from ENS Lyon and CNRS
  • Guido de Philippis (30, Calculus of Variations & Geometric measure Theory & PDEs) from SISSA Trieste
  • James Maynard (29, Analytic Number Theory) from Magdalen College of the university of Oxford
  • Péter Varjú (34, Random Walks in Groups) from the university of Cambridge
  • Thomas Willwacher (33, Mathematical Physics) from ETH Zürich
  • Geordie Williamson (35, Representation Theory) from the Max Planck Institut of the university of Bonn
  • Hugo Duminil-Copin (30, Combinatorics & Probability & Mathematical Physics) from IHÉS (homepage still at Geneva)

And also :

  • the Felix Klein Prize went to Patrice Hauret (38, Computational Solid Mechanics) from the french tire firm Michelin
  • the Otto Neugebauer went to Jeremy Gray (69, History of Mathematics) from the Open University

Finally, the next ECM will take place in 2020 in Portoroz, Slovenia.


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