Some july items

[Posted on july 5, 2016]

In no particular order :

  • Shinichi Mochizuki has a new paper out (at the bottom of this page) which is an introduction to Inter-universal Teichmuller Theory building on analogies with the Gaussian integral ; the workshop at RIMS will take place in a fortnight
  • on friday the third journée parité en mathématiques, organized by several french scientific societies, will take place at IHP, and will include some twitter activity on the Femmes et maths account (topically, this year’s agrégation results are out, with 235 Monsieur and 70 Madame for a ratio of 22,95%, while last year it was 21,89%, and the year before 21,09%)
  • Hugo Duminil-Copin will become Permanent Professor at IHÉS next september
  • several new papers have appeared in Discrete Analysis since its launch last february
  • Jacob Lurie has been visiting several UK universities last week and this week as part of the LMS Hardy Lectureship
  • the UK’s Council for the Mathematical Sciences has just released a statement regarding the Brexit issue


Square des Poètes, Paris june 2016 (Public domain).


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