Early september newslets

A very anecdotal list of math-related newslets :

  • Mochizuki has posted yesterday a short linguistic document concerning the morphological aspects of the terms “anabelioid” and “Frobenioid”
  • A conference in the memory of Nash is due to take place in Princeton at the end of october
  • a paper with the eye-catching title Defining \mathbb{Z} in \mathbb{Q} by Jochen Koenigsmann has been accepted in revised form by Annals of Mathematics (apparently the process took 5 years!)
  • in Sydney the dream job of Mathematician Game Designer is currently being advertised
  • as for well-known mathematicians from the hexagon, a recent event in Vietnam has featured Ngô Bảo Châu and Cédric Villani (who has cut his hair and grown a beard), while Sophie Morel is taking part in the #Add1Challenge by learning Turkish in 90 days, and today is of course René Thom day

Swans in Metz (summer 2015, Public Domain).


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