Mid-summer bits and pieces

1) There exists a handy map of french Masters in mathematics (note that it’s obviously too late to apply for this year in most cases).  I wonder if such a map exists in other countries.

2) Some people are really great speakers, here are two examples with 15 minutes proofs in videos at the upper undergraduate level :

  •  Dror Bar-Natan on Arnold’s version of Abel-Galois non-resolubility of the quintic
  •  Benson Farb on the Poincaré-Hopf index theorem

3) as an outsider, I’ve never understood the incredibly one-sided voting results of SMF elections : here they are for 2015, then 2014, and 2013. Anyhow, there’s about 500 to 600 people involed in pure maths in France these days then (yes, some people won’t vote or are not members, but still it’s probably the right order of magnitude).



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