Most of Grothendieck’s manuscripts to be digitized

According to an article by Stéphane Foucart in Le Monde, it has been announced at the Grothendieck conference in Montpellier that :

  • about 15,000 pages of manuscripts held by the university were now in the process of being digitized (that’s the archive that was given to Jean Malgoire in the 1990’s, which in turn he donated to the university)
  • about 50,000 pages found in Grothendieck’s Lasserre home will be digited by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (of Gallica fame), once legal hurdles are cleared, and which contain a mix of mathematical and non-mathematical texts

Let’s see : assuming 50% of mathematical content, that’s (15,000+50,000)/2=32,500 pages.  Chopping that into bunches of 200 pages, that’s about 162 books. In comparison, Euler’s Collected Works are said to fill 60 to 80 books…

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