Conference on Topos Theory at IHÉS in november

The controversy that Olivia Caramello very publicly had with several category theorists (see her website and the comment section of a post by Urs Schreiber) seems to have ended.

Indeed, she mentionned yesterday that she is organizing at IHÉS next november with Pierre Cartier, Alain Connes, Stéphane Dugowson and Anatole Khélif a conference on Topos Theory. (The poster has a tremendous quote from Grothendieck, which definitely has a “let’s make peace” ring to it.)

Also, there’s a 2-day tutorial by Caramello and André Joyal planned just before the conference, so that’s a friendly setting for graduate students and newcomers.

In other news, the conference held in the memory of Grothendieck at Montpellier will take place in a couple weeks, with the schedule now out.


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