Miscellaneous items

Yet another small list of noticeable facts:

  • videos of the talks given at the main wokshop of the MSRI program Geometric and Arithmetic Aspects of Homogeneous Dynamics are now online ; and don’t miss the nice spring issue of the emissary for related content
  • lots of interesting books are due to appear this year, including The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics (in september), and the english translation of an opus of Choimet & Queffelec (in july)
  • Anton Geraschenko, of MO fame, has a paper in Algebraic Geometry with David-Zureick-Brown, possibly making it a contender for first pure math paper with a Google-affiliated co-author
  • Cédric Villani has recently visited Iran for a week, great to see he’s really putting lots of efforts to reach out to people not just in the Western countries.
  • A question: Does anybody know what happened to FEATURED REVIEWS in Mathscinet ? Last time I checked they pretty much discontinued them around 2005, yet these were truly useful…

Cyclidefibo1 by fdecomite on flickr


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