A mix of links

A mix of recently spotted things:

  • the program of the next Bourbaki seminar (at the end of june) looks very interesting indeed (in particular, I also noticed that Peter Keevash released a new preprint recently, while Sophie Morel is currently an Aisenstadt Chair in CRM)
  • a new video of Alain Connes discussing the emergence of time in quantum mechanics, published today on the youtube channel of IHÉS
  • the conference on Shinichi Mochizuki’s IUT theory, previously mentionned on this blog, will feature lots of people including Paul Vojta and Peter Sholze
  • it is announced in the march newsletter of the EMS that the next 10 prizes for European mathematicians under 35 will be awarded for work accepted for publication before october 31, 2015
  • the amount of french math students that compete each year to get an Agrégation de Mathématiques has again dropped in 2015, and has declined by a staggering 60% in the past 8 years tweeted the President of the Agrégation Jury (as a result, the past few years have seen hundreds of unfilled positions, and this year will be no different)
  • a recent addition in Gallica : the 1630 translation in french of François Viète’s Algèbre Nouvelle by Vasset, with in particular an illustration of the Problem of Apollonius on the frontispice



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