2015 outlook

Among the tons of workshops that are due to occur in 2015, some will be part of long thematic programs:

– three at MSRI: dynamics on moduli spaces of geometric structures, geometric and arithmetic aspects of homegenous dynamics, new challenges in PDE

– two at IAS: second half of topology of algebraic varieties, and first half of geometric structures on 3-manifolds

– five at the Newton Institute: periodic and ergodic spectral problems, random geometry, cell motility, morphology and pattern formation, metric and analytic aspects of moduli spaces, mathematical, foundational and computational aspects of the higher infinite

– three at IHP: disordered systems, spatial random processes and applications, inverse problems, general relativity


And also some shorter events will take place like:

– january: MAA/AMS joint mathematical meeting

– march: 2015 Abel prize (contenders: Smale? Connes?…), Mochizuki’s workshop

– may: geometry, arithmetic and physics : around motives

– june: breakthrough prize ?

– july: big algebraic geometry conference, Ghys conference


As for a recap of 2014 on this blog, here are stats by country (about 24,700 views by 12,300 visitors from 120 countries) :


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