Is Shinichi Mochizuki’s work slowly being absorbed ?

While I do not speak japasese, I’ve noticed a conversation somewhere, from which it appears that :

(a) Go Yamashita has a paper in preparation titled ‘A proof of abc conjecture after Mochizuki’, and he also is in the middle of a string of lectures on that topic : 18 hours of talks at RIMS last september titled ‘Inter-universal Teichmuller theory and its Diophantine consequences’, and two further weeks of lectures (68.5 hours in total) next march at a RIMS workshop titled ‘On the verification and further development of inter-universal Teichmuller theory’ ;

(b) Chung Pang Mok is in the process of giving an introductory talk to some of Mochizuki’s ideas at several places : a few weeks ago at MSRI and at UC Santa Cruz, and in the coming weeks at U British Columbia, and at Duke.

And just today, Mochizuki himself has posted to his ‘what’s new page’ the workshop announcement


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