Laure Saint-Raymond on the backpage of Libération

There are not many women in the french Académie des Sciences. So it was a great news when last december Laure Saint-Raymond got elected (in the mechanics section, due to her work on physics equations, rather than in the math section).

Today, there’s a portrait of her on the backpage of Libération (a nationwide french newspaper, see picture below). Great exposure for women in science.  And I have noticed that her work has been discussed (in french) in a recent article by her PhD advisor Golse in Gazette des Mathématiciens, while a few months ago there was another portrait of her in Le Journal du CNRS.

(There’s a quite bad typo in the Libération paper: they got the only equation in the text wrong, printing y=x2/10 instead of y=x^2/10. Sigh…)



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