Recent observations

Three open access journals are now three months into existence. On the one hand the two Gold OA ones from the AMS: Proc.AMS Ser.B has 5 papers while Trans.AMS Ser.B has 2.  (For perspective, the backlog for Proc.AMS is 11 issues as of february, 28 — similar to what it’s always been).    On the other hand, Green OA journal Algebraic Geometry published by the Foundation Compositio Mathematica has had in the same amount of time 12 papers in two issues.

As for the Forum of Mathematics Pi and Sigma journals from Cambridge University Press, which are both Gold OA (but with currently a fee waiver, so effectively Green) and which have been accepting papers for a year and a half: Sigma had 5 papers in 2013 and so far has 4 in 2014; Pi had 4 in 2013 and none so far in 2014.


Completely unrelatedly, a couple weeks ago the first séminaire d’excellence organised by the Académie Francophone des Savoirs took place in Gennevilliers. The aim is to provide talented french-speaking graduate students from developing countries a place to meet established researchers.  Ever-present Cédric Villani (who, incidentally, was president of the support committee of recently elected Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo) was among the speakers, and agreed to take a selfie with the laureates and…his medal!


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