Clay Research Fellows

Since the laureates for 2013 have just been announced, here is the full list of Clay Research Fellows by year (with URLs valid as of february 2013):

2000: Manjul Bhargava, Dennis Gaitsgory, Terence Tao

2001: Roman Bezrukavnikov, Alexei Borodin, Daniel Gottesman, Sergei Gukov, Mircea Mustata

2002: Daniel Biss, Igor Rodnianski

2003: Maria Chudnovsky, Elon Lindenstrauss

2004: Ciprian Manolescu, Maryam Mirzakhani, András Vasy, Akshay Venkatesh

2005: Bo’az Klartag, Ben Green, David Speyer

2006: Artur Avila, Sophie Morel, Sam Payne

2007: Mohammed Abouzaid, Soren Galatius, Davesh Maulik, Teruyoshi Yoshida

2008: Spyros Alexakis, Adrian Ioana, Xinyi Yuan

2009: Sucharit Sarkar

2010: Tim Austin

2011: Peter Scholze

2012: Ivan Corwin, Jack Thorne

2013: Semyon Dyatlov, Aaron Pixton

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