Cours Peccot

Each year since 1900, the french Fondation Claude-Antoine Peccot picks between 1 and 3 mathematicians under the age of 30 who have already made important advances, and gives them the opportunity to give a few lectures on their research topics, the so-called Cours Peccot  (either at Collège de France, or at École Normale Supérieure).

The list of previous lecturers is basically a who’s who of french mathematics (plus a few non-french lecturers too, from time to time).  Since the most recent lecturers don’t appear on the list yet, here’s what I could reconstruct. I’ve added a link to lecture webpages or handouts when they exist (feel free to mention mistakes if I’ve made any):

2002: Denis Auroux. Thierry Bodineau.
2003: Franck Barthe. Cédric Villani.
2004: Laurent Fargues. Laure Saint-Raymond.
2005: Artur Avila. Stefaan Vaes.
2006: Laurent Berger. Emmanuel Breuillard.
2007: Erwan Rousseau. Jérémie Szeftel.
2008: Karine Beauchard. Gaëtan Chenevier.
2009: Joseph Ayoub. Julien Dubédat.
2010: Antoine Touzé.
2011: Sylvain Arlot. Anne-Laure Dalibard.
2012: Alessio Figalli. Vincent Pilloni.
2013: Valentin Féray. Christophe Garban. Peter Scholze.
2014: François Charles. Nicolas Rougerie.
2015: Hugo Duminil-Copin. Gabriel Dospinescu.
2016: Nicolas Curien. Marco Robalo.




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