2012 EMS Prizes

Following my previous post, here is the list of the 2012 prize winners:

Simon BrendleEmmanuel BreuillardAlessio FigalliAdrian IoanaMathieu Lewin, Ciprian Manolescu, Grégory Miermont, Sophie Morel*Tom Sanders, Corinna Ulcigrai.    [* edit, november 2012 : Morel was at Harvard until september 2012, I’ve just changed the URL to her current page at Princeton]

(As for the predictability of the winners, I had guessed only four out of ten, it’s a nontrivial exercise given the amount of great candidates.)

Some updated statistics:

Ranking by PhD Institution

1. Tel Aviv University (5: Polterovich, Alesker, Gaitsgory, Biran, Klartag)

1bis. Paris 11 Orsay (5: Pérez-Marco, Cerf, Lafforgue, Serfaty, Morel)

1ter. Paris 6 Marie-Curie (5: Bonnet, Merel, Grenier, Werner, Miermont)

4. Cambridge (4: Borcherds, Gowers, Green, Sanders)


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