EMS Prizes statistics (up to 2008)

Since the 2012 EMS Prizes will be announced on monday morning (european time), I have compiled some statistics for what happened up to 2008, we shall see how that changes next week. (To avoid any commenter breaking secrecy I’ll close all blog comments until monday.)

From 1992 to 2008 there has been 50 laureates. Nationality doesn’t matter that much, more important are the topics rewarded, and the places where the PhD was granted (and who the advisor was).  But since topics are sometimes difficult to disentangle, I’ve just looked at broad areas of these mathematicians (at the time of the prize).

Ranking by topics

1. Algebraic Geometry (7: Franke, Voisin, Huber-Klawitter, De Jong, Gaitsgory, MacQuillan, Kuznetsov)

2. PDE (6: Bonnet, Grenier, Bianchini, Serfaty, Saint-Raymond, Villani)

3. Dynamical Systems (4: Pérez-Marco, Lindenstrauss, Tucker, Avila)

3bis. Number Theory (4: Goncharov, Merel, Venjakob, Green)

5. Symplectic Geometry (3: Polterovich, Seidel, Biran)

Ranking by PhD Institution

1. Tel Aviv University (5: Polterovich, Alesker, Gaitsgory, Biran, Klartag)

2. Paris 11 Orsay (4: Pérez-Marco, Cerf, Lafforgue, Serfaty)

2bis. Paris 6 Marie-Curie (4: Bonnet, Merel, Grenier, Werner)

4. Cambridge (3: Borcherds, Gowers, Green)

Advisor-wise: the only people who were PhD advisors to more than one laureate are Milman (twice advisor and once co-advisor at Tel-Aviv), Donaldson, Kirillov (twice advisor each).



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