ECM 2012 preview

The 6th European Congress of Mathematics will take place in Poland in early july 2012.

Registration will open next month, with a fee of about €250 until march 31.  Mini-symposia applications must be submitted no later than november 30.  There are two rounds of poster application (perhaps for those who want to resubmit?) in february and in april.

As for speakers, plenary ones have been announced (a good mix), as well as invited ones.  The 10 ECM prize winners, who must be under 35 as of june 30 (or under 38 for those with a “broken career pattern”), will be rewarded for work published before next monday (october 31) and will obviously also give lectures.  The deadline for submitting a nomination is next tuesday november 1st. (Update october 31: And since I’m a complete outsider to the whole thing and would like to test my impressions, I’d venture a few names, more than 10, that might end up with something: Kathrin Bringmann, Dennis Auroux, Anna Erschler, Laurent Berger, Sophie Morel, Vincent Beffara, Zeev Dvir, Ciprian Manolescu, Emmanuel Breuillard, Denis-Charles Cisinski, Corinna Ulcigrai).

Amusingly, anyone is allowed to nominate somebody, and one can even nominate oneself. I wonder how many realistic such nominations are made, but it’s true that there might be genuine cases, e.g. someone with truly great results but in a fairly technical domain and who thinks that the few experts who read the proof maybe forgot to send a nomination (or couldn’t for health reasons, say).

Finally, there are also several satellite meetings planned (both before and after the ECM), most of them in Eastern Europe.


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