Chess at ICM2010: results

The event took place today, and apparently Anand managed to win 39 out the 40 games.

The last game ended in a draw, and it wasn’t an adult mathematician who managed the feat, but a 14 years old boy,  Srikar Varadaraj (whom google reveals has already won junior tournaments, both in the UK and in the US), well done to him.

It’s hard to conclude anything from this though, I guess, except the obvious idea that not just analytical abilities are required to be successful at chess, but also lots of training (and vice-versa, as Anand’s interview previous to the event makes clear).

While talking of chess, there’s an interesting short interview of the father of recent Fields Medalist Cédric Villani, who says his son at age 5 got interested a lot by chess, but the father decided to stop him playing chess some years later since “he feared that it might burden on part of his interior life”, mentioning the risk of nevrosis.  Given the result, it was a wise move 😉


3 Responses to “Chess at ICM2010: results”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ca you put a sap of the event?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sry ‘n’ not worked in my key board…. I just asked “Can You put a snap of the event”

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