an Arxiv rare event

In the past week, the math arxiv has seen both a preprint dated june 7  by Akhil Mathew, probably one of the youngest posters there (if not the youngest), and another dated june 12 by Jean-pierre Serre, probably one of the oldest posters there (if not the oldest). Now that’s noticeable!  🙂


2 Responses to “an Arxiv rare event”

  1. Akhil Mathew Says:

    Thank you very much for the link to my paper! I feel obligated, however, to mention that my friend Yale Fan has two papers there (completed when he was much younger than I am now). There was even someone at RSI last year who was 14 then, but I don’t think he uploaded his work to arXiv.

    • Thomas Sauvaget Says:

      Right, I stand corrected (I’ve slightly edited your HTML tags, the closing ones where missing). I wonder then if someone older than Serre has posted in recent years… Anyway, still a rare event, something like a 65 years gap within a week.

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