Two new science & physics sites for asking questions

Just learnt about the existence of two new websites which have the potential to become very useful for undergrad and grad students, and even researchers.  They are both based on the same software as the hugely successuful Stackoverflow and MathOverflow sites, they are:

sciencestack and   physics.stackexange

According to their FAQ,  the main rule is:  Avoid asking questions that are subjective, argumentative, or require extended discussion. This is not a discussion board, this is a place for questions that can be answered!”

Of course whether they will become successful websites or not largely relies on their moderators’ ability to enforce that rule, but at least there’s a great potential here!   I hope influencial bloggers like Terry Tao, and Peter Woit (who asked if such site existed),  can mention them: that would boost the prospects of seeing these sites take off  (they’re nearly empty so far, for lack of publicity I think)  and of  good contributors registering.

(Note that some questions borderline between physics and chemistry seem to be asked at both sites, but for the rest it seems the distinction is clear.)

Update 20-dec-09:   sadly it’s been two months now and theses two new sites didn’t quite take off, at least not yet.


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