Chern Lectures at Berkeley: Vladimir Arnold

Something I would have really liked to attend this year are Vladimir Arnold‘s forthcoming Chern lectures at Berkeley on April 2, 4 and 6. (The previous such lectures were given by Terence Tao.)

Unfortunately that’s just too far a location for me… Let’s hope they’ll get camcorder ready, or maybe take the bus up to the MSRI: it would be really nice to have some videos of those lectures online!

Update 19-march-07: Now the titles of the lectures have been announced:

Talk 1: Statistics and topology of Morse functions

Talk 2: Complexity of finite sequences of zeros and ones

Talk 3: Statistics of Young diagrams of random permutations, and of periodic orbits of dynamical systems

Update 29-april-07: I’ve found some preprints by Arnold on the ICTP website which seem to be related to these lectures:

Arithmetical turbulence of selfsimilar fluctuations statistics of large Frobenius numbers of additive semigroups of integers ; Geometry of continued fractions associated to Frobenius numbers ; Smooth functions statistics ; Topological classification of trigonometric polynomials related to affine Coxeter group A2.


2 Responses to “Chern Lectures at Berkeley: Vladimir Arnold”

  1. sirix Says:

    Is there any real chance they will have a camcoder? I can’t find recordings of TT lectures – am I looking in a wrong way or they just didn’t have a camcoder then?

  2. thomas1111 Says:

    I don’t think they had a camcorder then (otherwise they very probably would have put a link to it by now). That’s why I’ve mentioned MSRI, they have very good facilities there so there is hope 😉

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